Lola’s gang: all the characters | LOLA SLUG  

Lola's gang: all the characters


Lola Slug

I am the adorable protagonist of kids’ apps, lover of tarts, tech, art and (of course) vegetables.
I have a dotted backpack where I put all what I need.


Giulia (my Author)

Giulia Olivares

She is the illustrator and author of my stories, that means: she draws me!!!
She loves colours, plants, cooking and eating.
Luckily, she definitely doesn’t eat slugs.



Cecil Squirrel

He is Cecil Squirrel. He is always so warm-hearted with me!
He is a painter and loves social life, cocktails, inaugurations and strawberry juice!

Mr Jack Parrot

He is my neighbour Mr Jack Parrot. He lives in the countryside and he goes into the city every day with his little truck. He works at the market and he is passionate about motors and vegetables.