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Animalibrium: Credits & Thanks

Game design, arts and direction: Giulia Olivares

Programming and Tech: Giordano Scalzo

Public Relations and Press Releases: Lola Slug

Vocal Sound Effects: Geoff Resnick

Music: Oliver Lodge

Thanks to Mattia & Luca, Alberto, Pier Luca, Mauro, Davide, Gabriele, Domenico, Lara, Andrea, Benny, Ugo, Giulia, Elisa, Roberta, Valentina, Lucia, and to the hundreds of kids that played our betas during fairs and events.

Thanks to Giorgio, Thalita, Ilaria, Chiara, Adriano, Manuel and to all of the AESVI’s fellows that belived in us and supported us in any way!

Thanks to Ivan, Andrea and to the fellows of the Ipid society.

Thanks to the collegues and competitors that helped us with their feedbacks, we really appreciated your trust and respect!