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Press Kit

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English and Italian description with high resolution pictures

Descrizione italiana e inglese con immagini in alta risoluzione

Contact: (Giulia Olivares)


For iOS 8.1 or newer:

For Android 4.1 or newer:

Video preview:

Age: children from 5 to 7 years old.

Languages: English and Italian within the same app

Price: 2.99 Euro

Short description:
Lola Slug at the Exhibition is a fun interactive book app for children using a high-readability font expressly designed for beginning readers with or without special needs like dyslexia and SLD.


Lola is adorable!
Her book app uses a font carefully designed for kindergarten and primary school children. Choose between the all-uppercase text and normal text. Listen to professional narration, or enjoy reading by yourself supported by special rulers.
Help Lola in her trip to the museum: switch the light on, fill her backpack, move characters around the screen, make flowers bloom, wait for the bus, stamp her ticket… Every page is fully animated and interactive, even the chandelier moves!

Why will you like Lola Slug?

  • Lola is adorable!
  • High-readability font expressly designed for beginning readers with or without special needs like dyslexia and SLD.
  • Either all-in-upper-case text for early readers, and in normal case for kids who already know both alphabets with “big” and “small” letters.
  • Reading rulers to help children to track on one line at the time.
  • Professional narration: listen and spot words get highlighted one by one, or enjoy reading by yourself. Narrators have natural, never annoying kids’ voices so that Lola Slug’s narration is pleasant even after 1000+ readings!

What is missing?

– No in-app purchase, or tricks.
– No publicity.
– No personal data get collected.
– No child-accessible links.
– No connections to social media.

Lola Slug joined the Know What’s Inside project.

What do you mean by “high readability”?

Lola Slug uses a new font created for primary school children.

It has a lower case “a” like a cursive “a” because this is the most taught at school around the world. (Furthermore, we will publish very soon an upgrade where you can choose between the cursive “a” and the standard “a”).

Every letter has its own different shape so that you can well distinguish p, b, q, d, n, u, I (el), I (uppercase i), and 1 (one) even if you are seeing them mirrored or rotated.

Backgrounds are light gray or coloured in order to prevent flashing effects on brilliant screens.

Though you may not even notice it, the letter spacing is almost double than usual. In fact recent studies seem to indicate that an increased letter spacing significantly improves dyslexic children’s speed and accuracy in reading, and it absolutely does not disturb kids who read normally.

What is a “reading ruler”?

It is only a transparent coloured ruler, but, depending on the person, it can improve reading ability, because it helps focus and track on one line at a time, and reduces the glare on the page by providing the correct colour contrast between letters and background.
You can find it on the left hand of every page on the “Read Myself” mode and drag it on the text up and down. As every child is different, you can choose your favourite colour by swiping it right, or decide to leave it in a corner when you do not need it.

About the author

Giulia Olivares studied Literary Criticism and art. After the degree she decided to create her own books rather than further deepening abstract questions. Since then, she has been drawing for several publishers in Italy and abroad.
She was selected for the Italian Illustrators Annual 2010, 2011 and 2013,  and, with her team, she won the Milan edition of the Global Game Jam 2014.
She is certain that future books will look like video games and she volunteers in CoderDojo to support the tomorrow adults’ creativity.

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